Posted by admin on December 3, 2022

Do you have a desire to try your skills with video content production? Applications, such as, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tik Tok, are in use by many content providers today. You have probably thought to your self, "I bet it's an expensive camera that allows them to take beautiful and professional pictures and video." Let me be the first to tell you, you are guessing wrong. If you have ever been to a professional studio, you have seen the reason, you just didn't understand. I'm not talking about the camera, props, or colorful backdrops. I'm talking about the lighting.

The utilization and further developing capabilities of personal electronic devices, have brought forth the creative side of many individuals. The majority of these content creators are able to produce exceptional results for the simple reason that they use a uniquely designed light called a Ring Light.

The functions, like most items involved in productions, are many, but the primary reason is proper lighting. The light is designed and made from a single circular fluorescent bulb or several connected LED lights in the form of a circle. Why a circle? The best place to mount a camera for even illumination, is in the center of the light source.


Why would I use a ring light?

Originally developed for use in the dental and medical fields, the ring light has achieved many different uses. Adapting it for commercial and private productions has expanded the capabilities of content creators, providing a higher degree of knowledge and a higher quality of video / photo captures. The list below, indicates some of the reasons for the inclusion of a ring light in any production setting:

Focusing on Details

Consumers want details. Using a ring light allows the camera to be placed in the center of the light source. This provides for better detail observations instead of having a shadow detracting from the focus of the image subject.

For Generating Color Effects

Dazzling color effects and patterns are easily achieved with a multi-color ring light by switching from a steady white to a different color selection. However, care should be used to make sure the color selection doesn’t obscure the details of what is being photographed. Finding the right color to complement the image subject could make all of the difference in the consumer’s selection.


Use in Macro Photography / Videography

Angle of Capture

When considering the image subject, you should decide from what angle you are going to be taking the image from. A common side view of the subject works for most things, but what if you need a different angle? When selecting a ring light, be sure to purchase a stand with a “gooseneck”. A gooseneck is an attachment for the stand that allows for the adjustment of the ring light and camera for any angle of the subject.


Ring Light Size and Power

There are two primary considerations to make in selecting the ring light for content production. CRI - color rendering index, and LM - lumens. The higher the LM and CRI, the better the lighting and color representation of objects in the light. Taking into account for the various suppliers of color from hair, makeup, and body tattoo applications, size and power of lighting can make a difference.



Everyone likes to get extra. A ring light setup is no different. Power supply, types of device holders, stands, remote triggers, ect. You may not always be able to have both hands available and accessories are great to have in those situations.


If you have, or plan to have, an online presence in social media or a website and you're working on developing a brand - then a Ring Light will assist in providing the perfect lighting for professional-looking videos or photos. You can find every type of Ring Lights and accessories for accommodating your various needs and requirements by clicking on this link to Amazon - Ring Lights. On Amazon you can find a large selection quality Ring Lights and accessories at the most affordable prices.