Posted by admin on December 4, 2022

Augason Farms

Emergency Food Supplies


     The words “emergency prepping” hold different meanings for people depending on the comfort level a person expects when unfortunate, and unforeseen, circumstances casts doubt on the basics needed to sustain life. With the conditions society is facing during the covid-19 pandemic, certainty of providing for yourself and for your loved ones, should be at the top of the list. It is of the utmost importance to have a measure of safety to rely on should a disaster strike. You and your family will have some basic needs that will have to be met in order to prevail through a crisis. 

     There are 5 basic needs for human survival. These needs are; clean air, water, food, shelter, and sleep. We will be talking about food and water in this article. Many families have moved away from self-sustaining practices, such as, canning vegetables and fruits. There is a greater dependence on public supply chains to provide the food and water that we need on a daily basis. With that demand, comes greater risk of loss of supply. The onset of social distancing and the fear of contracting covid-19, proved that interruptions in supplies could occur with any item, at any time. Case in point; toilet paper, not food, was the first thing to disappear from the shelves of my local big chain store. Then food and water items started to become scarce. Almost as soon as products would be placed on the shelf, they would be gone again.

     Non-perishable food items are one of the most crucial products you should have in any emergency food storage supply. It is necessary to make sure you stay healthy, and well-nourished during any unexpected event. Yet, nutrition, storage, and portability, are seldom considered by the novice prepper. These are essential to remember when getting rations for yourself and others.

     With that said, I would like to introduce you to products supplied by Augason Farms. Augason Farms produces a variety of emergency food selections. I will be discussing one of those selections in this article. It, or one of their other selections, could be exactly what you are looking for as your source of emergency food. 

This review will be for the 30 day 1-person All-in-One Emergency Food Supply.     


  • Great price value as compared to other suppliers

  • Long shelf life

  • Variety and amount of food

  • Includes a fire starter

  • Bonus 30-45 day meal planner


  • Some may find the 24 pounds of weight difficult to handle if traveling by foot.


     Long gone are the days of tasteless and bland “survival food” dishes. The 40 years of experience that Augason Farms possesses, has led them to be one of the top competitors in the industry. They have made it their goal to change how the world views the storage of food for emergency use.

     Some consumers actually choose to make this food source a part of their day when they lack the time needed for a traditional meal. Not just used for emergencies, the short prep time for some meals makes it easier to subdue the hunger pangs and return to completing assigned tasks, without the distraction of wanting to eat.

     What comes in the Augason Farms 30 Day All-In-One Emergency Food Bucket you ask? There are eight different meals and one drink mix contained inside:

  • Cheesy chicken and rice

  • Creamy potato soup 

  • Cheesy broccoli and rice

  • Homestyle mashed potatoes

  • Maple brown sugar oatmeal

  • Vegetable chicken flavored soup

  • Macaroni and cheese

  • Banana chips

  • Morning Moo’s low fat milk alternative


Breaking the Bank

     If you are having to adhere to a budget, this item would be a good choice when comparing costs to nutritional value. The meals do require the use of boiling water and a heat source, which gives an experience of regular meal prep instead of feeling like you just popped it in a microwave.

     As stated before, this bucket weighs in at about 24 pounds. Realistically, this food choice is intended for emergency or disaster prepping individuals. And the container makes it ideal for shelter-in-place or RV use storage.

     This makes the bucket ideal for people setting up home or RV shelters. Ultimately, this survival food choice is meant for emergency or disaster prep enthusiasts who are looking for a variety of wholesome and affordable food items.

30-Day and 45-Day Meal Planner

     This product contains something you won’t get in other survival food kits. Augason Farms wants to make it easier to prepare your daily meals with their meal planner. If you are in an emergency situation, it is of great importance that food be carefully made and provide the ideal number of calories you need each day to survive over a long period of time. 

     If needed, your emergency food supply can be made to last longer than 30 days, the 45-day planner is included to help you ration your food for more days. 

QSS™-Certified Food Supply

     This bucket is QSS-certified, meaning it offers at least 1,800 calories and 40g of protein per person per day. The actual total comes down to 1,854 calories and 47g of protein per person in a day, not including the calories that come from foodstuffs such as sugary drinks.

     With that much nutritional value, you have a better chance of surviving and succeeding in a crisis, which isn’t a chance a lot of other emergency foods offer.

25-Year Shelf Life

     If you properly store the 30-Day All-In-One Emergency Food by Augason Farms, it should last a good 25 years, which is a great shelf life for survival kits. 

Bucket Container

     The food pouches come in a bucket container to make it easier to store the heavy foods under normal temperature and humidity conditions. The bucket is made of BPA-free and FDA-compliant materials.

     For ideal storage, keep the bucket in a cool and dry area within a temperature range of 55°F to 70°F and a humidity level of around 15%. Extreme conditions will reduce the quality and shelf life.


     Based on our detailed Augason Farms 30 Day All-In-One Emergency Food review, for a long-term food solution, the product’s 25-year shelf life makes it a good choice, especially since it’s affordable and has a great number and variety of food. You also get more calories from these food pouches compared to some other competitors.

     If you’re thinking of going for an emergency food option with better taste and plenty of food, then this is the bucket for you!